So,still not sure about creating your own universe?Here are some ideas:

  • Element Based Universe:Create a universe based on elements-power:people made of fire,creature with hydrokinesis,animals with light-power.The ideas are endless!
  • Hidden in our word-Create a universe where unnatural creatures are hidden withing our world!Mystery was always and remains awesome!
  • Other Dimension Universes:Create universes that are not in Earth!Create everything!Be like....a minor god:places,plants,habits,creatures,etc!
  • A Bit Ordinary Stories:You can have ordinary stories,but not without at least ONE strange creature,people,nation,etc.Unexplaianle things are allowed
  • Edit!You can add more!

I am a dreamer who looks at the sky often. -Talk Page

  • Elements
  • Nature can be very inspiring!
  • Creatures!New of course!
  • Fly with your imagination!
  • Make the universe"colourfull"
  • ~Imagination~

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